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Where do I Park?

Look at photo to help you find parking.

We do not provide parking,
however there is free street parking within a one minute walk.

Please do not park at other business’s or on yellow curbs.
Do not park at the store in front of the house. 
The best place to park is in front of the plaza on Calle 4 where the street is wide.
If all those places are full park further down Calle 4 avoiding driveways and mailboxes

The photo below shows all the best places to park. 
Blue are the best spots. Green are good as well. 
Avoid the red even if you see other people parking there you are more likely to 1. Get hit 2. Get a ticket 3. Block traffic.

IMG_5714 4.jpg
Red = Avoid = Evitar
Blue = Best = Mejor
Green = Good = Bueno
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